A new ecosystem monitoring program “DiskoBasis” was initiated at Arctic Station in 2013. DiskoBasis extends and complements the existing monitoring that has been carried out through more than 100 years at Arctic Station. The program is run by the permanent staff at the station in cooperation with researchers from University of Copenhagen and is funded by the Danish Energy Agency.

The primary objective of DiskoBasis is to gather long-term data series on geophysical and biological conditions within the terrestrial and the marine environment around Arctic Station. Furthermore, it supplements the ongoing long term monitoring in Zackenberg and Nuuk . DiskoBasis includes collection of data within the following topics;


More details about sampling procedures, instrumentation and location of sites are available in the DiskoBasis Manual (link).


DiskoBasis data

Selected data from DiskoBasis are presented in the Arctic Station Annual Report published by Faculty of Science, University of Copenhagen. DiskoBasis data are public domain and after internal secure all validated data can be ordered from Department of Geoscience and Natural Resource Management (contact: When using the data provided by the Arctic Station you must acknowledge this in any type of publication, poster etc. All publications that make use of the data provided must be forwarded to the Arctic Station Secretariat.