Education and courses

Educational activities at the Arctic Station

A field course (2-4 weeks) is organized every summer at the Arctic Station for students (typically after their 6th or 8th semester) from the Faculty of Science at the University of Copenhagen. The courses are organized according to a 4-year schedule in the fields of biology, physical geography and geology.

The number of participating students is typically 12-14 students and 2 teachers. Some courses additionally make extra slots available for partcipants from Greenland or students from abroad. The courses focus on practical field work as a means of providing students with an intimate understanding of the Arctic environment. The reserch vessel “Porsild” is extensively used both as a research platform, and for transportation purposes in connection with the setting up of remote camp sites. Comprehensive reports from all courses are on display in the Arctic Station Library.


Two master's courses are held annually from the University of Copenhagen, a Arctic Biology field course and a Geosciences field course.

High school students ('gymnasieelever') from Aasiaat, Greenland, participate every autumn in a course organized at the premises of the Arctic Ststion. The Arctic Station aperiodically houses ph.d. courses, workshops, and field excursions for professional societies, the 'Peoples University' and others.