Visits to the Arctic Station

Send your application for research visits to the Arctic Station by using this booking form. Applications are sent to the administration in Copenhagen for approval by the board.

The deadline for applying for a stay in the period May to October is 1 December of the previous year. A decision is expected in mid-January. Applications received after this date will be processed with 2. Priority. Applications for stays outside this season are processed on an ongoing basis.

Important to know before you apply for a stay at the Arctic Station

Application form 

Fields marked with * are required.

Name of PI
Work address
+country code
Name host institution for your research project
Brief description of the purpose of the stay
Full name, title, function and e-mail of all project participants separated by comma. New line for each person
Geographical area(s) of field work
Rent of Porsild *
Rent of snowmobile (Notice only November-April) *
Specify the desired period(s) for renting a snowmobile
Rent of rubber dinghy *
Specify the desired period(s) for renting rubber dinghy
Rent of refrigerated container *
State the desired period and space requirements
Need for freezer space -20/-80 C *
Specify how much space (L) and for what period (dates)
Need refrigerator space *
Specify how much space (L) and for what period (dates)
Apply for assistance in the field paid by hourly rate *
Long-term storage of equipment and consumables against payment *
Which equipment, approx. volume (m3) and time period must be specified under the other requirements.
Do you bring chemicals? *
State which chemicals, quantity and how these are handled.
If you need to tell us something