Travel and transportation to the Arctic Station

The Arctic Station can without problems be visited throughout the year.


During the main season (approx. May-September) there are daily connections  from Copenhagen to Kangerlussuaq. The flying time is approx. 4 hours. From Kangerlussuaq there are multiple daily connections with Greenlandair (de Havilland DHC-7) to Ilulissat. The flying time is approx. 50 min. From Ilulissat there are several weekly connections with helicopter (Bell) to Qeqertarsuaq. The flying time is approx. 30 min. for a non-stop connection. In cases when you will have to stay overnight in Ilulissat waiting for a helicopter connection to Qeqertarsuaq, you will find that Ilulissat has a range of good hotels, a youth hostel etc. See link below. In cases when you have to stay overnight in Kangerlussuaq (doing either research or waiting for flight connections to other destinations) it is possible to organize accommodation at the KISS facility (Kangerlussuaq International Science Support) which is provided and run by the Greenland Airport Authority.

Travel agents with considerable experience with regard to travels to and within Greenland:  VR travel , and others.

Tourist information about Greenland


Heavy and bulky equipment should be forwarded by ship to the Arctic Station/Qeqertarsuaq. Ships to Greenland have their base in the Aalborg harbor, Northern Jutland. There is roughly a monthly connection in the ice free season. General information, ship schedules etc. can be obtained from Royal Arctic Line. You should expect that transportation of gear from Aalborg to the Qeqertarsuaq harbor will take approximately 4 weeks. Transportation of gear from the Qeqertarsuaq harbor to the Arctic Station must be organized by the Arctic Station chief of logistics.