The Arctic Station is located on the south coast of the Disko Island in central west Greenland (69°15'N, 53°34'W). It is thus facing the Disko Bay / Davis Strait and is characterized by an arctic, marine climate. There is a small lagune immeadiately in front of the station (see pictures below). The lagune is in turn separated from the open ocean by a sandy beach ('Sorte Sand'). Some of the world's largest icebergs drift by the Arctic Station. The cliffs behind the station abruptly reaches heights of more than 600 metre.

The main building (comprising e.g. guest facilities and the private home of the chief of logistics), the laboratory and library, and the private home of the chief scientist are all located in a nature sanctuary, approximately 1 km west of a small town, Qeqertarsuaq (formerly Godhavn), with ca. 1100 inhabitants. Within the town community is located all necessary service facilities, incl. several shops, bank, postoffice, church and a hospital.

The Arctic Station buildings and logistics have been continuously modernized, expanded and developed.  The station therefore will appear as a 'state of the art' platform for year-round environmental research.