Guided tours and lectures for tourists

Guided tours and lectures for tourists at Arctic Station

The tourist season in Qeqertarsuaq is also the most bust field season for the scientists working at Arctic Station. During that period, many scientists and students are accommodated at the station to carry out the annual data collection for their research. The visiting scientists normally stay at the station for a longer period, and during that period, Arctic Station therefore functions as their home. It is therefore generally not possible for tourists to visit Arctic Station during the period 1 June – 31 August. University of Copenhagen is aware that local tourist operators arrange guided tours to the area around Arctic Station, also during the very busy June – August.

During 1 June – 31 August, and if time is available, the leader of Arctic Station can offer lectures for larger groups onboard cruising ships concerning the history and the run of the station and the research going on there. The price for a lecture, normally lasting approximately one hour, is 2,000 DKK. Agreements concerning such lectures shall be made well in advance (at least 14 days in advance) by contacting either the daily scientific coordinator or the technical leader (contact information below).

In the remaining part of the year, i.e. 1 September – 31 May, it is in general possible for larger groups, i.e. 4-10 persons, to have a guided tour of approximately one and a half hour at the station. The price for such a guided tours are 2,000 DKK, and it is a good idea to contact the station staff well in advance, if you want to book such a tour (contact information below).

Payment for guided tours and/or lectures is by invoice in cash or by bank transfer.

The Arctic Station Board

Daily scientific coordinator Kisser Thorsøe
Cell: +299 2374131

Technical Leader, Kjeld Akaaraq Mølgaard
Cell: +299 511305