Research- and travelship "Porsild"


  • 3 crew members
  • max. 8 passengers staying overnight
  • max. 12 passengers on day trips

Accomodation etc.

  • two passenger cabins with each 4 berths; pantry, refrigerator, freezer
  • one crew cabin aft with 3 berths
  • two toilets with bath
  • 24 and 220 V with special voltage regulation for e.g. computers and microscopes


  • 3 different ecchosounder systems
  • 2 radar-systems
  • magnetic compass and gyro compass
  • GPS (satellite) positioning system
  • autopilot
  • VHS and mellembølgeradioer, portable VHF-radioes
  • weatherchart receiver
  • videoplotter (incl. electronic offshore chart) with data storage of position, depth, and temperature for further dataprocessing on a personal computer


There are two hydraulic winches for scientific usage. One system is designed for trawling, dredging and bottom coring. The other system is faster and with smaller dimensions. It is well suited for pelagic wotk, hydrographic monitoring etc.

Reasearch equipment of the 'Porsild'

  • CTD (Seabird Sea Logger 25); this unit measures conductivity, salinity, temperature, depth, PAR (photosynthetic active radiation), fluorescense, and suspended sediment. A portable laptop computer is available for communication with the CTD and temporary data storage.
  • Niskin water bottles (3 pieces. / 10 litre)
  • "Haps" bottom corer (core diam. 135 mm)
  • VanVeen grab
  • drop corer
  • triangular dredge for bottom fauna and macroalgae 

Small boat

  • rubberboat ("Zodiac") which can be stored on the ship while steaming

Technical description of the research vessel